Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid®” Social Skills and Character Values Curriculum, Elementary School Edition (Grades 2-4)

What is it?

  • An engaging, teacher-friendly, student-centered curriculum that motivates children to learn and apply life changing social skills
  • Lessons are enhanced with music, role-playing, art, games,   and other fun activities
  • Teachers are raving about Tanner’s Manners:

    “My students were always engaged. They loved the music.”

    “Minimal prep required”.

    “I saw a decrease in discipline problems.”

    “My students asked every day, Are we doing Tanner’s Manners today?’”

Who is it for?…elementary age children in schools, home-schools, etc.

…children who possess excellent character, positive self-esteem, and social self-confidence.

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Free downloadable lesson: “Tanner and Manners”

  • Each lesson introduces a different social skill, with original songs that are written from and reinforce the course content.
  • Minimal preparation is required.
  • Fun poems, art, games, role-plays, exercises, and other enrichment activities are included in the lessons.
  • The lessons offer a great deal of flexibility; the educator can choose how much time to spend on each lesson and how many activities to include.

Curriculum package includes:

  • Educator’s Guide
  • Alignment with National Education Standards
  • 2 Tanner’s Manners Laminated Placemats
  • 1 Music Binder includes:
     • Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid”R Award-
        winning Music CD
    • Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid”R    Performance/Accompaniment CD
    •Reproducible Lyrics Sheets
    4 Module Binders include:

    • Lessons
    • Reproducible Handouts and Enrichment Activities
    • Reproducible Lyrics Sheets
    • 1 Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid”R Music CD
    • 1 Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid”R Performance/Accompaniment CD
  • All materials packaged in a handy carrying bag

MODULE 1: Communicating

  • Lesson 1: Tanner and Manners
  • Lesson 2: Introductions
  • Lesson 3: The “Magic” Words 5 + 4 + 3
  • Lesson 4: Talking and Listening
  • Lesson 5: Phone Manners

MODULE 2: My Family And I

  • Lesson 6: First Impressions
  • Lesson 7: Personal Manners
  • Lesson 8: Family Manners

MODULE 3Getting Along

  • Lesson 9:   Rude Behaviors
  • Lesson 10: Friends
  • Lesson 11: Presents, Gifts, and Thank You Notes

MODULE 4At My Best

  • Lesson 12: School Manners
  • Lesson 13: Manners in Public Places
  • Lesson 14: Table Manners

Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid®” Social Skills and Character Values Curriculum
Elementary School Edition (Grades 2 – 4)

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