Mission & Purpose

To provide the opportunity for all children to learn the social skills necessary for securing their successful futures.

These courses are designed to teach children to be comfortable in any social situation. They builds character, self-esteem, and social self-confidence; and instill wholesome values that will have a positive impact on every area of a child’s life. They show kids how to be “Cool” kids with kind hearts, how to live “The Golden Rule,” and treat people with kindness, caring, and respect.

Barbara Gilmour was raised in a family where good manners were taught and practiced. She has a degree in Home Economics from Penn State University where she received etiquette instruction. She married into a family where all aspects of the social graces were taught. She was a stay-at-home mom, raising her two daughters. For many years, after the girls were in school, she had her own floral design business.

In the mid 1990’s, Barbara decided to try something new. She spent a year researching and writing two 10-hour courses, Manners for Kids 8-12 and Manners for Teens. These courses were taught locally for several years.

Barbara spent over five years expanding the content of the Manners for Kids 8-12 course to reach more children. This content has been built into Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid.”

Barbara believes that good habits, when learned at an early age, become second nature and last a lifetime. Children who know what is expected and proper in every social situation will go into those situations feeling comfortable and confident and will behave better.

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