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FREE downloadable lesson: “Tanner and Manners”

Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid®” Award Winning Music CD

17 Original songs: the FUN way for 2-10 year olds to learn manners.
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Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid®” Social Skills and Character Values

Elementary School Edition Grades 2-4

An engaging, teacher friendly curriculum that motivates children to learn and apply life-changing social skills.
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The Tanner’s Manners “Cool Kind Kid” Camp Kit

Learning Manners the Fun Way!
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Tanner’s Manners Laminated Placemats

The Tanner’s Manners: “Be A Cool Kind Kid” course uses these placemats to help teach children the correct placement of utensils in place settings.
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Tanner’s Manners would like to thank the following for their contributions to these products:

“Special thanks to Steve Megaw for creating fun, imaginative songs that conveyed the content perfectly. Each song is exceptional and unique.” – Barbara

More Great Children’s Music by Steve Megaw: “The Fuggles”, “The Bigsby Show”

Illustrator: Jay Wharton
Graphic Design: Frylandia Design Co.
Graphic Design: Entite Press
Editing and Educational Consulting: GoodSense English
Co-Author: Sydelle Mason, Ed.D.
Co-Author: Wendy Calla McDermott, Ph.D.

Educational Consulting:

Loretta Long, Ed.D. (Susan from Sesame Street)
Maryann B. Coffey, Ph.D.
Kate Lemay, M.A.
Rosalind Norrell-Nance, Director, Atlanticare, Atlantic City Family Life Programs
Kimberly Hudson, MA.